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Our social media pages are a great way of connecting with all our fans. We provide photos, release information, racing updates, live videos of the races and more. Each post we tag our sponsors to keep them updated, this is a great way of finding your target market within our fan base. 

Supplying product for the spectators is another great way to reach your target market, we can organize giveaways and competitions for fans. To utilize social media we also offer graphic design content using your branding that you can use to

re-post and share information about the partnership.

We have a different strategy for each page to promote whats relevant for our followers. Why post the same information on each page? If our fans have all our three pages this will bore them quickly, keeping content relevant and different will also bring more followers to each page. 



Our largest fan base with a reach of 12,493, is also our oldest page. Used for posting results and quick information shared through Facebook.


We provide a variety of content on our Facebook, with 8,154 fans. Facebook Live became an invaluable tool for our team, not only for our loyal fan base but also our sponsors. As Periscope did not have the following and purchasing live streams of the race event online became somewhat frustrating for loyal followers that paid to watch our team and sometimes would not even see the car. 


In 2016 we created our first Instagram page with now 1,134 followers, we only post high quality, professional images. The above images are some examples of our Instagram content.